Ace Cardigan

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Color: White
Size: XXL

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通常在 2-4 天内就绪

  • Made by Harvard Students
  • Shipping Worldwide
The Details

Become an icon of style with our Ace Cardigan, blending tradition with trendsetting flair. This white buttoned cardigan exudes classic Ivy League and was made for every occasion: from game day to studying in Widener Library, it'll keep you warm, stylish, and classy.

  • Embroidered H detailing
  • Can be worn buttoned up or down
  • Relaxed fit with elastic cuffs
  • Official Licensed Harvard University Merchandise
  • All products are designed, packaged, and shipped by Harvard University students
Materials and Care
  • 30.5% Polyester, 18.7% Polyamide, 50.8% Viscose
Color: White
Size: XXL
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