An Entirely Student Run Business.

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Our Story

In 1957, a group of Harvard students came together and invested in the model, "For students, by students." Since then, a small group of undergrads has grown this endeavor from makeshift businesses out of dorm rooms to Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), the largest student-run company in the world (yes, we were pre-Mark Zuckerberg!). Today, HSA is a non-profit company with 8 different agencies (of which The Harvard Shop is one!), 500 employees, and is still run by Harvard college students.


Where Your Money Goes?

We pride ourselves on delivering the authentic Harvard Identity. Each design is crafted for the Harvard alumni, students, faculty, fans, and visitors we serve, capturing Harvard's identity of opportunity, history, and excellence. All profits go straight back into student wages and operations, so you know where your money is going, always.

Our Collection

Our collections consist of bestselling sweatshirts and t-shirts, our warm iconic premium Hillflint "H" Sweaters and so much more. Each product is hand-selected by our team and packed and shipped to you by a Harvard student. Even the models you see on this website are all college students at Harvard!

A Note from the Managing Director

"Thank you for supporting a student-run business! We are always looking to better deliver the Harvard identity to our visitors, so please reach out to the team here with any questions, comments or suggestions! Again, welcome to The Harvard Shop!"

—Thomas Garity

Class of 2025

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