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Inside Harvard Third Edition

Inside Harvard Third Edition


Get Inside Harvard with the Crimson Key Society's brand-new guidebook to the Ivy of Ivies, the most ivory of ivory towers, Harvard University. Inside Harvard is packed to the brim with the often celebrated, sometimes notorious, and always riveting 350-year history of America's oldest University. Whether you're an alum, a prospective student, a visitor, or just interested in our "school in Cambridge," Inside Harvard will give you unique insight into the school's storied past and thriving present, leaving no tradition un-told or hidden tunnel un-traversed. With full-color maps and photographs, fun facts and figures, and alumni and architectural spotlights, it might just be the Harvard of guidebooks -- so, whether you're spending the afternoon or the next four years in Cambridge, check out Inside Harvard and get the most out of your stay.

Content Includes:

  • Information
  • History
  • Admissions and Diversity
  • Curriculum
  • Libraries
  • Science
  • Athletics
  • Houses
  • Social Life
  • Publications
  • The Arts
  • Business
  • Law, Government, and Service
  • Beyond Harvard