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Let's Go Europe 2019


Let’s Go Europe 2019 is the savvy traveler’s best friend. Written by Harvard students who have explored every nook and cranny of Europe, this latest version of our trusted guide delivers the inside scoop on everything you could possibly want to know before and during your trip.


Whether you’re looking to hit all the tourist hot spots, embark on some once-in-a-lifetime adventures (paragliding in the mountains of Gimmelwald, anyone?), or shimmy your way into the most exclusive clubs in Berlin (fake it ‘til you make it), Let’s Go Europe 2019 details it all. In fact, no other European travel guide covers as much.


In this book highlighting 22 countries and 98 cities, you’ll find:


  • Recommendations and tips from our insatiably curious researcher-writers
  • Safety resources and logistical information for traveling to Europe
  • Curated itineraries of varying lengths, catered toward your interests
  • Accommodations, sights, food, and nightlife at sensible price points
  • Helpful BGLTQ+ and solo-traveler guidance
  • Orientations and features within each city to maximize your adventure


Let’s Go has been the go-to travel brand for millions of globetrotters for more than 50 years. Carefully researched, expertly written, and filled with more information than you’d find in 10 other books combined, Let’s Go guides are a no-brainer.


So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, Let’s Go!

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