Ring FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Free free to email us at classring@mail.hsa.net with your question.


1)     There's something wrong with my ring. What should I do?

Please contact Balfour at 866.225.3687. Resizings are free of charge. If the error is Balfour's (aka wrong size or shield), Balfour will remake your ring free of charge. If the error is the customer's, you will have to pay a remake fee.


2)    When can I order my ring? I don’t know what my ring size is, how do I figure this out? And do you have sample rings for me to try on?

You can order your ring anytime as a junior or senior at the College or Extension School and as a student at one of the graduate schools: HSPH, HGSE, HLS, HBS. Unfortunately, we currently do not offer the HMS or HSDM shields due to low demand.

If you cannot make this fitting, please schedule an appointment by emailing classring@hsa.net. A student ring representative will be able to meet with you. If you are not in the Boston area, please see a local jeweler to have your finger sized.


3)    Can alumni order?

Yes, absolutely!

4)      I would like to get a design, what is the process for creating a new ring design?

1. Send a ring design to classring@hsa.net.
2. Balfour creates a digitized ring design and sends it back (1 week)
3. Student organization approves the ring design (hopefully <1 week)
4. Ring design is created with two paid orders for rings (3 months)
5. Rings are created and sent out (6-8 weeks)


5)      Can I choose a customized design for both the left and right sides?

Yes! The default option is your house shield on the left side and Johnston gate on the right side, but you can change these defaults. Please click here to see the different options available on both sides.


6)      What’s the difference between the different types of metals?

Celestrium is stainless steel. BPS stands for Balfour Premium Silver which is 80% pure silver and 20% mixed alloy. 10k, 14k, and 18k designates the amount of pure gold in each ring. 


7)      What are your payment plans like?

We only accept debit and credit card payments. You can either choose to pay the full amount or pay in 3 month installments with the initial down payment being 1/3 of the full cost.


8)  Which finger do people normally wear their ring on?

People generally wear the One Ring on their ring finger of their right hand. Some opt for their middle or pinky finger though.


9)  When will I receive my ring?

You will have your ring mailed to you 6-8 weeks after you order it (with the exception of new ring designs - please see question #4).


10)  Can I get engravings on the inside?

Definitely! We offer a free engraving on the inside of the One Ring up to 18 characters including spaces. If you would like to have more characters, you need to pay $5.


11)  Do you have a warranty policy?

 Yes, all One Rings have Balfour’s limited lifetime guaranteed of free resizing, reshipping, and refinishing. If you lose your ring, we will even replace it (just pay the cost of the deductible and shipping/handling- this cost varies based on ring size, type, etc) for the next four years. Please keep your receipt. Please contact 1 866 225-3687 for instructions on how to redeem the policy.

12)  What are the advantages of the different karats?

18k and 14k have a greater percentage of pure gold in them and are considered shinier and better quality metals. That being said, gold is a soft metal and a higher karat ring will be more likely to be chipped. However, Balfour has a lifetime guarantee for refinishing, etc.


13)  Can I return a ring that I ordered?

According to our refund policy, rings are not eligible for return.

19)  When am I eligible to order a One Ring?


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